AI Devops Engineer (Remote)

24000-26000 PLN miesięcznie (B2B)


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We are looking for Senior DevOps Engineers to join our banking team.  

  • Profil: Senior AI DevOps Engineer  
In this role you will:  
  • Develop and maintain automated systems for deploying GenAI models, ensuring consistency and reproducibility across different environments. Improve deployment processes to streamline efficiency and reduce time to market. 
  • Work closely with data scientists and software engineers to understand the requirements and constraints of GenAI models. Collaborate on model versioning, testing, and integration with existing systems. 
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary enhancements to ensure optimal results. 
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in GenAI, analytics, and DevOps, ensuring company remains at the forefront of innovation and maintains a competitive edge in the industry. 
  • Participate in regular reviews and audits of AI-driven processes, providing insights and recommendations for improvements to ensure ongoing alignment with company's strategic goals and regulatory requirements. 
  • Location: Poland, remote 
  • Start: ASAP   
  • B2B with apreel  
  • Rate: 155 PLN netto/h +VAT 

Kogo poszukujemy?

To be successful in this role, you should meet the following requirements: 
  • Highly numerate with strong background in mathematical disciplines e.g., computer science (AI/ML), statistics, physics, engineering. 
  • Extensive experience in DevOps or software engineering roles, with a focus on deploying and maintaining AI models or machine learning systems in production. 
  • Familiarity with GenAI, Large Language Models (LLM), Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and TensorFlow, PyTorch, huggingface, Scikit-learn libraries. 
  • Solid understanding of DevOps principles, CI/CD pipelines, and configuration management tools (e.g., Git, Jenkins, Ansible) 
  • Deep knowledge of software development and experience in a range of coding languages such as Python, C++, JavaScript, HTML. 
  • Experience with cloud-based AI platforms, especially Microsoft Azure. 
  • Motivated quick thinker with innovative problem-solving skills. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with experience of preparing and communicating key messages and recommendations to senior management and other stakeholders. 
  • Result oriented team player who can foster strong and collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders. 

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  • Polski

  • Angielski

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  • 24000-26000 PLN miesięcznie (B2B)
  • B2B - Elastyczne godziny pracy (100%)
  • Praca zdalna: W całości

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apreel was established in April 2010 by four friends whose dream was to create their own software house. As the company developed and, in parallel, as the level of trust its clients place in it grew, it expanded its business to include services such as the leasing of IT experts. Today, this area constitutes the core pillar in apreel’s business. That does not mean, however, that the founders of apreel have abandoned their dreams. It will always be our passion to create proprietary IT solutions, and the objective we aspire to achieve is to perfect them continuously. In conjunction with having an exceptional atmosphere and espousing professionalism, we have instilled an extraordinary climate at work in apreel.