Quantitative Developer

15000-25000 PLN miesięcznie (Umowa o pracę)

HRO Digital

Czym będziesz się zajmować?

  • Conceptualize, develop, and deploy Global Treasury libraries and tools.
  • Establish a coding environment that prioritizes usability, resilience, and reusability.
  • Streamline and expedite the development of new models within the team.
  • Collaborate closely with the modeling team, GT IT, Transformation, and relevant departments.
  • Strategically implement software solutions that adhere to best practices and address evolving business and regulatory needs.
  • Work in tandem with Quant Model teams to create practical and compliant software solutions aligned with accounting, regulatory, and other requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with FIM and other pertinent accounting/regulatory standards. Engage with Internal/External audit and regulators as needed.
  • Emphasize process optimization and identify avenues for enhancing cost efficiency such as automation, outsourcing, and centralization.

Kogo poszukujemy?

  • Design, build and implementation of Global Treasury libraries and utilities.
  • Delivery of a coding environment that is easy to use, is robust and can be fully re-used.
  • Managing and reducing the time to develop new models within the team.
  • Work closely with the modelling team, GT IT, Transformation and all relevant functions and departments.
  • Implement software strategically, following best practice to ensure that solutions address the evolving business and regulatory requirements.
  • Work closely with the Quant Model teams to build software solutions that are practical, workable and comply with accounting, regulatory or other requirements.
  • Ensure FIM and other applicable accounting/regulatory requirements are met. Liaise with Internal/External audit and regulators where necessary.
  • Maintain focus on process optimisation and identify opportunities to enhance cost efficiency where possible (e.g. automation, outsourcing, centralisation etc).

Czego wymagamy?

  • Polski
  • Angielski

Jakie warunki i benefity otrzymasz?

  • 15000-25000 PLN miesięcznie (Umowa o pracę)
  • Umowa o pracę - Elastyczne godziny pracy (100%)
  • Praca zdalna: Brak
  • Budżet szkoleniowy, Szkolenia wewnętrzne
  • Pakiet medyczny, Ubezpieczenie, Pakiet sportowy
  • Parking

Gdzie będziesz pracował?

Wadowicka 3A, Kraków

Kim jesteśmy?

HRO Digital is a specialist traditional recruitment business. HRO Digital is a brand of Verita HR Polska. Verita HR Polska is a Human Resources service provider operating under number 5694. We are working as a recruitment provider searching on our Client's behalf for a person in the following role: