Fullstack (Ruby / JS) Engineer at Railsware (Remote)

17800-29700 PLN miesięcznie (B2B)

Bee Talents

Czym będziesz się zajmować?

About the Role:

You can be a part of Railsware as a Full Stack Engineer with at least 3 years of experience in Ruby and JS.

What you'll be doing?
  • end-to-end product development (working on products like Mailtrap.io, Coupler.io, TitanApps and Calendly),
  • writing reusable and maintainable code in Ruby + JS,
  • creating unit tests to thoroughly validate the correctness of your code,
  • actively contributing to the identification of problems and their solutions,
  • collaborating in a “T-shaped” cross-functional team consisting of different squads and guilds (there are ones with 20 people and others with 2-3 Engineers - all share the knowledge with each other) to ensure the project meets business objectives and compliance standards in a flat-structured company. 

*The diversity of tasks depends on the product and you can change them. Sometimes, there’s more designing new things, sometimes, there is a bigger contact with the client but after all, it doesn’t matter what type of projects the team works on - they apply the same approaches and tools to all of them to accumulate and share knowledge and improve the craft with each new case.

Kogo poszukujemy?

What you'll need to be successful?
  • at least 3 years of experience and extensive knowledge in products development in Ruby and JS with their frameworks,
  • excellent general programming and unit testing skills, 
  • ability to work with complex codebases and being comfortable with the UNIX/Linux command line,
  • experience in different databases (e.g. RDBMS, Key Value / Tuple Store, Wide Column Store / Column Families, Document Store),
  • experience with cloud hosting providers (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Heroku),
  • taking ownership approach and working without lots of oversight,
  • communication and collaboration skills (min. B2/C1 level of English both in speaking and writing, so you can easily talk with your teammates),
  • higher education (at least a Bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics, or a related field).

Nice to have: experience in test-driven development and pair programming.

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  • Angielski

  • Polski (mile widziane)

Jakie warunki i benefity otrzymasz?

  • 4500-7500 USD miesięcznie (B2B)
  • B2B - Elastyczne godziny pracy (100%)
  • Praca zdalna: Możliwa w całości
  • Budżet szkoleniowy, Szkolenia wewnętrzne
  • Pakiet medyczny, Pakiet sportowy
  • Płatny "urlop" dla B2B, Płatne "chorobowe" dla B2B

Gdzie będziesz pracował?

Szlak 50/A4, Kraków lub zdalnie

Kim jesteśmy?

Hi! We're Bee Talents, an IT recruitment agency that has been helping clients from all around the world in building their technical teams since 2015. Today, we would like to invite you to participate in the recruitment process for Railsware. Railsware is a product studio, established in 2007 by four tech-savvy enthusiasts. On a daily basis, they have two main focuses - creating products and designing solutions for clients. In Railsware’s portfolio, you can find products like: Mailtrap.io (Email Delivery Platform), Coupler.io (a solution to turn complex data into simple reports), and Jira Smart Checklist (they’re well-known so probably we didn’t need to link them :) All of them were initially created as simple in-house tools and today have multi-million user bases now and grow steadily with still great plans for the future. As for consultancy services, Railsware builds web and mobile solutions focusing on clients’ essential business objectives. Just to give examples they are a partner of: Calendly (one of the most popular online appointment scheduling platform), BrightBytes (a research-based decision support platform) or DoctorOnlineUA (a free online platform for Ukrainians who require physical and mental health advice but don’t have access to qualified medicine) and much more! Team and culture: currently, they have 180+ people on board from 15 nationalities and are looking for more teammates from Poland who will join the team full-time (working 100% remotely or in hybrid mode) in the Cracow office! They value holacracy (autonomy to do your job with clear authority within defined boundaries) and freedom with the ability to take responsibility for decision-making and continuous improvements, #remotefirst approach, flexible schedule and a balanced workload.