Pega Developer with PCSSA

16800-19300 PLN miesięcznie (B2B)

System Verification Poland Sp. z o.o.

Czym będziesz się zajmować?

Main Responsibilities:
  • Implementation Leadership: Lead the implementation of the Pega platform, ensuring its successful integration into existing systems and processes.
  • Collaboration and Guidance: Collaborate with other teams, offering technical guidance to support their development efforts and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing.
  • Best Practices Advocacy: Ensure the adoption of best practices across application development processes, contributing to the overall efficiency and quality of deliverables.
  • Architectural Input: Provide valuable architectural input and guidance for technical details, maintaining a strategic view of the project's technology landscape.
  • Cross-functional Contribution: Contribute to other teams' development efforts, demonstrating versatility across technical functions within the project.
  • Quality Assurance: Uphold high-quality standards by ensuring rigorous quality assurance of application configurations.
  • Troubleshooting: Address and resolve technical challenges promptly, ensuring the smooth operation of pipelines and applications.

Kogo poszukujemy?

Pega Qualifications:
  • At least version 8.5, showcasing a solid foundation in Pega Systems.
  • Proven experience leading a Pega development team, demonstrating leadership and team management skills.
  • Proficiency in working with deployment manager to streamline deployment processes.
  • Experience working with Predictive Diagnostic Cloud, leveraging insights for continuous improvement.
  • Deep understanding of the Pega platform, including its capabilities and limitations.
  • Good understanding of low-code/no-code principles, contributing to accelerated time-to-value.
  • Previous experience working with databases, enhancing data management capabilities.
  • Proficiency in handling complex integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity between systems.
  • Demonstrated experience in stakeholder management, balancing technical requirements with business needs.
  • Good understanding of business dynamics, aligning technical solutions with overarching business objectives.
  • Strong collaboration skills, fostering teamwork and facilitating effective communication across teams.
  • Proficient in enabling and mentoring more junior resources, contributing to the growth of the overall team.

Czego wymagamy?



  • Polski

  • Angielski

Jakie warunki i benefity otrzymasz?

  • 100-115 PLN godzinowo (B2B)
  • B2B - Elastyczne godziny pracy (100%)
  • Praca zdalna: Brak
  • Szkolenia wewnętrzne, Wyjazdy na konferencje
  • Pakiet medyczny, Pakiet sportowy

Gdzie będziesz pracował?

Grzybowska 5A, Warszawa

Kim jesteśmy?

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